Help a child without family

An orphanage is an institution for housing orphans...
Bykota House is a family; our children are orphans no more.

What does the name Bykota mean?

The name for Bykota House is an acronym taken from Ephesians 4:32 "Be Ye Kind One To Another." it is also the motto for our homes and describes how each of us is expected to act towards others.

Why do we say that Bykota House is not an orphanage?

An orphanage is an institution for housing orphans. Cold - Impersonal - a Storage Facility

Bykota House is a family; our children are orphans no more.

What else is different about Bykota House?

There are differences in diet.

The children of Bykota House drink and eat foods prepared in pure water. This means the installation and upkeep of water filters. This is a marked difference between the Bykota family and a typical Cambodian orphanage.

We don't buy the cheapest food available. This food is of very low quality and often the vegetables are grown in human waste for fertilizer. After living here in Cambodia ourselves for many years, we have learned that with food, you get what you pay for. We want healthy children so we buy healthful, good quality food through trusted vendors that we have built relationships with.

The diet of a Bykota Kid is rice-based but a typical Cambodian family will be found to be eating far more rice and a great deal less of meat and vegetables. Rice is cheap (or at least it used to be), meat is more expensive. By choice we are on the high end of costs where food is concerned. However, the menu is carefully planned to be nutritious and healthful. In fact, this has been a big change for the children. Our children have actually had to LEARN (are still learning) to eat less rice and fill up on the more healthful foods.

There are differences in health care.

All the children of Bykota House are immunized to internationally recognized standards. This is a decision that has been quite costly for us, however it has proven, over time, to have the payback of healthy children. We are the ONLY children's home that we know who are committed to this aspect of well-child care.

The availability of quality healthcare is improved a great deal in the past ten years in Cambodia.  If a child of Bykota House does fall ill we use a local clinic with international staff and standards as our first choice.

All the children of Bykota House went to the dentist for the first time after they came into our care. There is not a single one of them that didn't have dental problems. Some of them have had major dental problems. We also followed up on all dental issues and cleanings and take them in for bi-annual check-ups. Again, we are the only children's home that we know that do this in such a manner.

There are differences in education.

Our Bykota kids receive an English education in our very own private Christian school. We believe they are getting the best education
available that we can provide them. Many of them also attend the half-day Khmer education offered by the government schools. We are committed to excellence in education.

The youngest of school age children are introduced through simple games to the use of the computers in our donated computer lab. Yes! we have been blessed with a computer lab and we are using that to introduce the Bykota Kids to the technologies they will need to know to succeed and be leaders in Cambodia or abroad one day.

Whenever possible we take the children on field trips...we have taken them to see the Royal Palace, a boat trip to see
silk weaving up close, we've gone to the zoo on more than one occasion. Another major difference is how we take the children of Bykota House to other orphanages filled with children less fortunate than themselves. They have learned to minister to them in love and be a blessing by serving others.

There are differences in children.

Bykota House has a high percentage of special needs children and we don't regret accepting them. Many orphanages who has special medical needs because of the added expense. We share the heart of God the Father for these precious ones and do not base our acceptance or denial on health conditions. The reality is though, that the special needs children require additional staff and so that DOES affect our payroll.

We aggressively seek whatever therapy or assistance that is available for our special needs children in Cambodia. We network with other ministries to access the assistance and wisdom from the larger body of Christ in Phnom Penh.

You can see, we don't just provide them with 3 good meals a day. Even Tina has an educational plan developed for her! We are a family...maybe different in many ways...but a family nevertheless. We are a family that has bubble gum blowing contests, movie nights with Dad's homemade kettle corn, sibling squabbles, Birthday parties, dreaded daily chores, happy times, and also sad times. We know each child by name...we all rejoice when someone passes a milestone; we all feel the pain when someone is injured. Our focus is not just taking care of their needs for today but
we are preparing them for the future.

We are a family.

  • The name of the Lord is a High Tower; the righteous run into it and is safe. Proverbs 18:10
  • A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows,is God in his holy dwelling. God sets the solitary in families; He brings out those who are bound into prosperity; But the rebellious dwell in a dry land. Psalm 68:5-6
  • Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Matthew 28:19
  • Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself un-spotted from the world. James 1:27
  • And Be Ye Kind One To Another Ephesians 4:32

You can help these children by remembering to pray for them daily. Becoming a fundraiser to expand the support base of Bykota House to your social circle of friends and family. Consider sponsoring a child either in part or whole.