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Before I left home for Cambodia a friend of mine said this year would be like Toblerone chocolate bar, with high points, low points and those extra special sweet nutty bits.

I have been here for 5 ½ months now and have found that to be a very accurate analogy except that there have been far more highs than lows and the special sweet nutty bits are even better than I ever imagined.

I came here with a few expectations, that I would be living with one other woman and no kids, In fact I ended up in a mad house with, for the most part, four children and four babies under three years of age. I thought I would be helping to teach in the school and ended up teaching a preschool class that during my time here has grown from 8 to 10 energetic, Khmer speaking children. In short I have found expectations and planning to be pointless and flexibility essential.

 I have fit so wonderfully into life here, despite my English accent and slightly messy ways, and I have seen so much of Gods guidance and provision in my journey here and in the lives of all those around me. One of my fears was that I would be more of a burden than a help or I wouldn’t enjoy the work that I was asked to do, well God didn’t let that happen, he gave me a love for little children and babies and then gave me a baby and a whole class of little children. There were other fears I had that did come to pass but God provided people around me to make them less scary.

I have had the most amazing time and cannot believe how much I have seen and done here; I have traveled around Cambodia and further, going to Vietnam and Singapore, met so many beautiful people (both big and little) and more importantly I have seen and learnt so much about Gods love. From the very first moment that I arrived I was made to feel at home and I will never forget the first thing I saw, Kati’s smiling, welcoming face and the first tuk-tuk ride when Madi asked, “daddy is this MY Hannah girl”. Now my family has grown with new brothers and sisters and even a new mum and dad. Yes I have had my low points when I have been tired or missed home (especially when pacing the room with a screaming baby in the middle of the night) but the lowest points of my time here have been when I have been thinking about having to leave and that has got to be a good sign.

For ages I have wondered and worried about Gods plans for my life and my time here has deepened my faith that he is in control, I can see so clearly how my life has been leading on to this and I know that the things I have learnt here have prepared me for things I will do in the future.

All the best to you in your internship!


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