Immunizations and Blood Tests

We rarely get a child at infancy, but regardless of what age they come to us we begin with blood testing followed by the following course of immunizations as recommended by the World Health Organization W.H.O.

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Prayer for Families

Without a doubt the family structure in Cambodia suffers from an identity crisis, but poverty is not totally to blame. To understand what families and children are up against in Cambodia today one must consider the history.

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Mango Heat

A fellow missionary ex-pat posted on Facebook today that she was in mango heaven at the market. The mangoes are sweet, plentiful, and oh so very cheap over here in the Mekong Delta this time of year.

This is on the tail end of some temps that had even the veterans among us and the Cambodian populace dripping with the heat. The heat isn't just something that you walk through.  It affects every part of your life.

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