Great rewards come by volunteering with International Orphan Aid and Bykota House. Read on to learn just a few of the benefits that come by giving of yourself to others.

The Encarta Dictionary of the English Language defines a volunteer as "somebody who works without being paid."  That is a rather simplistic definition.  It has been my experience that volunteers, while they may not receive a paycheck, they still reap great rewards and benefits for themselves while they are volunteering, later on in their life, and benefit International Orphan Aid, Bykota House in many, many ways that cannot be measured with financial analysis.

Benefits for Volunteers While Serving

  • Really learn about Cambodia and its culture.  Whether you stay in guesthouse lodging or in the accommodations at the Center, you are going to be immersed immediately in a culture vastly different than what you are used to from the moment you arrive.  This is an experience that you cannot recreate with a book, a class, or a movie.  This is the real deal.
  • Traveling and experience.  Just because you are coming to work doesn't mean that it is all work and no play.  You will have the chance to visit other sites such as Angkor Wat, one of the great wonders of the ancient world.  There is shopping galore.  Is food something that interests you?  Then take a half or a full day cooking course and learn to cook traditional foods.  Depending on the timing, there will probably be other volunteers that you will meet and mix with.
  • Slow down and BE.  Cambodia is a country of intense poverty.  You will be surrounded by new experiences that will cause you to open your eyes and ears and truly be in the present.
  • Make a difference.  The most important benefit that you will experience will be the feeling of fulfillment of helping others.  The lives of the people and children that you touch will be forever changed.  Without a doubt, the need is NOW and it is urgent.  You can do something about that!

Lingering Benefits for Volunteers

  • Volunteering abroad may possibly add to your resume or your college application.  Colleges and universities are interested in well-rounded students.  We often hear of past volunteers being able to leverage their time abroad to their benefit.
  • You will never be the same.
You will have learned to communicate with people of different cultures.
You will have experienced team building.
You will be adept or at least experienced with adapting to dynamic, ever-changing environments.
Your critical thinking abilities will be stretched and exercised.
You will appreciate what you have and inconveniences will never be looked at the same again.
You will see tremendous growth in your independence and self-confidence.
  • You will learn new skills.  You don't have to be trained already.  We just need people who are willing to be trained and be teachable.  We know what we need and how to equip you to do the tasks.
  • You will make relationships with the host team, other volunteers, and the children you work with that will last a lifetime.
  • Your perception of it's a small world will be greatly enhanced because suddenly you will have family and loved ones that are on the other side of the globe.

Benefits for International Orphan Aid, Bykota House

  • Most of the children of Bykota House will never leave the country of Cambodia.  However, through the interactions and work of volunteers, their world view is enlarged and their lives will be forever changed because of it.  Our children are the leaders of tomorrow!  Be a part of the change that they are going to make.
  • The in-country team of International Orphan Aid does not walk through their lives feeling daily that they are suffering in their lives here.  However, we do often feel overwhelmed because of the lack of hours in the days and the limited number of hands we have.  We need your help.

Whatever your reason for volunteering no matter how unique it may be whether it is listed here or not, without a doubt  there IS benefits and it does pay to volunteer abroad.

We'd be happy to talk to you and start making plans for your visit!